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For the past three years Captive State have been holed up in their Whitechapel studio, writing, recording
and developing sounds and songs.

Encouraged by Brian Eno’s enthusiastic response to their first demo Captive State’s Tom Bootle and Joseph Kennedy teamed up with Lemon Jelly’s Nick Franglen at the tail end of 2007 and found the perfect producer to bring life to their creation. The first fruits of these labours, which provides a sweet taster of what to expect, is a four song EP called, Elmore Grove. The place ‘Elmore Grove’, where these fruits spawned, is more imaginary than real transcending genre and generality.

Determined not to be confined to the studio Kennedy and Bootle have assembled an 8-piece live band that pits horns and accordions amongst their guitars and drums, effortlessly stretching the breadth of the recorded songs into the live arena. Captive State begin a two month residency at the Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon from 28th March, full details of which are shown below on the myspace page.

Captive State’s name was taken, with permission, from the title of a book by writer George Monbiot.

Captive State Website // Captive State Myspace // Captive State Facebook // Captive State Youtube // Captive State Appreciation Society

Members :::

Joseph Kennedy (vocals)
Tom Bootle (keys and effects)
Ben Fitzgerald (percussion)
JC Caddy (drums)
Patrick Auguste (bass)
'Special' (guitar)
Theo Martindale (decks and vocals)
Matt Clements (trumpet)
Andy Wolstenholme (trombone)

Elmore Grove EP
Release Date: start of June '08
The debut EP from Captive State

Produced by Nick Franglen for Big Life Management.
Mixed by Dom Morley for Solar Management
Mastered by Guy Davie at The Exchange

1 Mona
2 China White Doll
3 Weatherman
4 Lost

NEWS ::: Concerts

May 9 2008 7:00P
The Slaughtered Lamb Residency w/ Lawrence Arabia & The Disco Shed London

May 23 2008 7:00P
The Slaughtered Lamb Residency w/ The Superimposers, James Yuill & Younghusband London

May, 30 2008 09:00 PM -
The Cellar, Oxford

Jun 1 2008 5:00P
Camden Green Fair Regents Park, London

Jun 14 2008 8:00P
Bang! @ 93 Feet East London

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